What the hell is up with hamsters in commercials?  This week I have seen 3 different commercials that included hamsters in them.  And that's not the odd part.  The hamsters are doing things that are normally done by humans and that hamsters would not normally do.

I mean, first you have the car commercial where the hamsters are sitting around watching Netflix in their cage on little flat screen T.V.'s on little hamster couches.  Really?  Ever had a hamster?  I have.  There is no way a hamster would sit on a little couch without trying to gnaw the thing apart to turn it into hamster bedding.  And what owner would go out of their way to buy a little flat screen T.V. (that probably would cost $100 minimum) for a hamster (that probably cost $5)?  And one of them even has a laptop?  His little paws wouldn't even be able to use the keyboard.  C'mon ppl!

And driving and dancing?!?  Most humans can't do these things, so how could a hamster?  Don't believe me?  Try driving any freeway at about 5pm.  Most ppl can't drive.  Why would you trust a hamster to do it?  I won't even get onto ppl and dancing.  I've seen horrors.  I will give this commercial credit though, not only do the hamsters know how to bust it out, but it has robots too.  Who doesn't love dancing robots?  Ok, maybe Kia's got this one right.
So after looking up the videos to go with these, I discovered the third commercial was of guinea pigs and not hamsters.  But let's be honest, aren't guines pigs just ginormous hamsters?
Besides, guinea pigs, hamsters...neither one of them would row a boat.  Last hamster I had wouldn't even get on the stupid wheel.  They sure as heck wouldn't generate enough power to fuel this guy's house.  Well, maybe with the wheel.  Why didn't he just do that?  No 6 months of training needed.  Guinea pigs will run on wheels.  They even sell big ones FOR guinea pigs at the pet store.  Way to waste 6 months Geico spokesperson guy!

The Hamster of Doom is displeased with the way his species is being portrayed in the media.  I feel an apocalypse of coconuts coming on!
See his scowl?  That's aimed at you hamster-commercial people!  Beware!
1/21/2012 06:21:30 am

HaHaHAAA Haha. funny.

1/27/2012 08:43:21 am

Remember the Hamster Dance song from about a decade ago?

They're trying to bring it back.

1/28/2012 04:13:57 am

I do not remember that, but I will have to look it up. There was a dance song? My daughter played one for me about a gummy bear and I think a camel or somethin, but a hamster dance song? I have a feeling I will be on YouTube shortly!

1/28/2012 07:25:29 am

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3G5IXn0K7A&ob=av3e Ok I just looked it up and I DO remember it. (I didn't know that's what it was called.) Oh no, they can't bring that back! The world will implode.


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