Ok, let's clear something up.  Pluto?  It's a planet.  Choke back your arguments.  They will be falling on deaf ears.  You will not convince me. 

I understand that it is a dwarf planet.  All that means is that it's small.  Like a dwarf.  But it's been part of the solar system forever.  The second word of dwarf planet is...well...PLANET!!!  You can't just kick it out of the solar system, after all this time, because it's smaller than the other planets, you bullies.  If that's the case, you should kick Jupiter out because it's too big!

I mean, really.  Dwarf humans are just "little people."  They are no better or worse than other ppl.  You don't kick them out of the human race.  Instead you put them in movies and T.V. and wrestling matches.  Wait, that's midgets.  Whatever serves my argument because most ppl don't know the difference between a dwarf and midget.  You all watched Snow White and LOVED those dwarves.  Why not this one?

So why do it with a dwarf planet? 

I hope all of you "Pluto's not a planet' dwarf planet haters are happy.  You made Pluto cry.  All he wanted to do is be a part of something, and for a while, he was.  Then you went and took it away from him.  You know he ran home and told his mom.  Where do you think that asteroid that almost hit a few weeks ago came from?  Pluto's mom threw it at Earth for being the biggest bullies.  Don't we all know by now that bullying is wrong?

So I say, forget this planet vs. dwarf planet hatred, put your differences aside, adopt a more tolerant life-style and except the fact that Pluto is (and always will be) a planet.  It's bad enough he's at the back of the line, don't make him fight for that last spot too!

Besides, I said Pluto is a planet.  So, it must be true!  Right?!?!

(Holy crap!!!  This is the first thing I've written in years that Word says all my spelling and grammar is correct!  Yay, Me!!!)
1/28/2012 06:50:58 am

I 100% agree. Dwarfs are people, dwarf planets are planets!!

1/28/2012 07:30:21 am

HA! Thank you!!!

1/28/2012 08:54:17 am

no need to be concerned about pluto - newt gingrich says we're moving to the moon!

1/28/2012 12:43:37 pm

Oh, whew! lol

1/29/2012 02:14:09 am

I, too, was extremely upset when they announced that Pluto's reign as a planet was over :(

1/29/2012 06:19:38 am

It's just upsetting and I refuse to accept it.

1/30/2012 12:48:06 pm

I heard the real reason why Pluto is no longer considered a planet was because lately we've found dozens if not hundreds of other dwarf planets in our solar system.

Scientists got lazy, didn't want the official planet count that high. Scrapped Pluto. :P


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