The rain got the better of me yesterday, so I didn't get a chance to post.

Plus I was super depressed this week, so I didn't write anything during the week.  For some reason, I can't write when I get like that.  I don't know why. 

Anyway, I thought, since I'm still dealing with some back pain AND depression still has its claws in my brain and heart and I'm leaking emotional sewage, I would share some of my photography with you.  No, I am not a photographer.  I just do it for fun.  And I'm quite proud of some of the pics I've taken.

If you are a friend from Facebook (My personal page, not my fan Page) you may have already seen these.  A few times.  Sorry about that.  For those of you who haven't seen them let me explain a little about them.

All these pics (Except for one) are unaltered.  Any color changes have been made by my camera, not my computer.  Anything else that seems like an effect is nothing more than a trick of the light or an angle.  I have contorted myself and gotten into some very embarrassing positions to get some of these pics.  Don't even ask. Lol.    (The only edited pic is the one of the purple flowers with black and white background.  D.J. was playing with photoshop.)

Click the images to see them larger.  Feel free to use any of the flower/animal pics for yourself.  I only ask that you not copy or use, in any way, any of the pics of Lil Miss.  I will sue.  And if you don't think I can track you down, you are mistaken.  I'm a mean momma bear with LOTS of friends in ALL feilds.  Plus, I'll sic the Hamster of Doom on you!

Just to let you know, not all of them are serious photos.  Some were just silly and I happened to be there and had a camera.  I added them in for you to enjoy.  You're welcome.

One last note.  As I have said on my Facebook and anywhere else, if you know the names of any of the unnamed flowers or plants feel free to let me know in the comments section or drop me an email.   I took the pics, I'm too lazy to look up the names too.
4/7/2012 08:00:04 pm

Great shots! I love photography and you got some good ones. I would think your contortionist positions while funny no doubt, resulted in some cool shots.

4/8/2012 09:19:21 am

Thank you! Yeah I defiantly got the shots. It's a good thing I'm bendy too. Some of them would have been impossible without it. I have hung from trees, wrapped myself around fences and twisted up like a pretzel just to keep shadows out and get close enough. lol


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