While looking for new things to watch on my Netflix instant player, I found out that they now offer the show How It's Made for instant viewing.  Now personally I don't care for this show.  It's boring.  I like the concept, but they really need to do something about the tone of the show.  Each time I watch it I think of being in the fourth grade and having the teacher show a vidoe that is so outdated it put the class to sleep.

But a friend of mine had said they did an episode about how they make Slurpees.  I already know how they make them, but being the addict that I am I'm interested to see this episode.  So I scanned threw the episode list and what each episode is about.  After I was done I could only think to myself, "Does anyone really need to know HOW that is made?  Isn't it self-explanitory?"  After that I thought, "I could save a lot of ppl a lot of time and just tell 'em."  So that's what I'm gonna do.

I went back through the list and wrote down some of the things and I'm gonna help you out here so if you want to skip that episode you can.  Trust me, you'll thank me for it.  'Cause if you watch, you will nevver be able to get that time back again.

S1/E3 - Toothpicks:  They cut trees up really small.
S2/E1 - Cranberries - Not made.  They are grown.
S2/E8 - Fresh Cut Flowers:  Go out to your garden.  Take sissors.  Cut flowers.
S2/E12 - Chicken:  Hatch egg.
S2/E14 - Mail:  Write a letter, put in envelope, add stamp.  Also Eggs:  Own chiicken.
S3/E9 - Yule Logs: Cut up a Yule tree.  Burn around Christmas time.
S3/E26 - Wax Crayons:  Melt wax.  Add dye.  Cool wax.
S4/E4 - Frozen French Fries:  Cut up potato.  Freeze.
S4/E7 - Crayons:  (Really?!?  See S3/E26.  Are crayons really that popular?)
S4/E24 - Fur coat:  Get dead animal hide.  Sew together.  (It's not rocket science.)
S5/E12 - Bacon:  Kill pig.  Slice. (Do we care HOW it gets on our plate?)
S7/E2 - P:  Umm...drink fluids and wait.  (I suspect this is a Netflix mistake and they just didn't put in the whole word.  At least I hope so.)
S8/E4 - Hurricane:  We don't make them.  Mother Nature does.  (And if you try to take credit for making it she will throw a tornado or some other NATURAL disaster at you.

See that list?  It's long.  I just saved you a lot of time.  But there were some on the list that I though maybe ppl WOULD want to see how they are made. 

S1/E3 - Beer:  You have to watch this or you aren't American.
S1/E21 - Fireworks:  Who doesn't want to know how to make explody things?
S2/E12 - Video Games: Ok, this is just interesting.
S4/E22 - Motorcycles:  American Chopper did well so I guess ppl like to see them made.
S5/E1 - Cheesecake:  It's frickin' CHEESECAKE!!!  Who doesn't love cheesecake.
S8/E2 - Corn Whiskey:  I went to the Jack Daniel's distillery once and thought it was pretty cool.  And you all know you wanna be like me.
S8/E2 - Tequila:  Maybe they will explain why Tequila comes with a built in story.  Cause EVERYONE who has ever drank it has a tequila story.

There you go, Minions.  You're welcome.

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