Another short post today.

The temperature dropped big-time last night.  Everytime that happens my nose stuffs up and I get all congested.  I woke up this morning to what I'm sure was a troll going at my brains with a pitchfork.  Now I can't stop blowing my nose (there seems to be an endless supply of snot) and coughing.  I'm waiting for my lungs to make an appearance, I'm coughing so much.

Needless to say I don't feel good.

I already ate some soup and now I'm going bak to bed.  Not that I ever really got out of it today.  When I woke up 27 Dresses was on T.V. an I didn't have the energy to change it.  Not even when When In Rome came on after it.  So I layed in bed and watched rediculous romantic comedies.  If you know anything about me you know that that is just torture.  Thank goodness DJ woke up and took over the T.V. and saved me from myself.  So that's it.  I'm off till tomorrow.
2/12/2012 08:33:29 am

Hope you feel better soon something like that has been going around up here. Its pretty nasty it took me a week to get over it. And there isn't mich you can take for it other then drink lots of fluids and rest. Again hope you feel better soon.

Sonja Rois
2/13/2012 02:23:46 pm

It's not anything that is going around. This used to happen to me in MI too. Everytime the teperature drops drastically I get all stuffy and it drains. Then, when the temp goes up again, it all goes away. Today (monday) was warmer than yesterday and already I'm doing better. It doesn't help that it's been so rainy we have 'skeeters. The air is very wet and cold. Hopefully the cold took care of said 'skeeters. but they day I wrote this it went from about mid-50's down down down to mid-to-low 20's in a matter of hours. You could actually feel the temp dropping. So I got all yucky. I would still take this over year round sinus problems in MI. As soon as it warms up here, and through the long summer, I don't have these probs except for the rainy days. (Not the 5 minutes a day it rains, but actual rainy days.)


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