So while trolling on Twitter, one of the bloggers I follow informed me about The Ultimate Blog Challange and asked if anyone wanted to extend it to February.

Basically what it is, as long as I'm understanding correctly, is a challenge for bloggers to come up with one blog post, per day, for 30 days.  This challenge goes on during January, April, July and October, but I only just learned about it.  You know, when January is ending. 

I found it funny that this subject came up because I was just sitting around the other day, thinking, "I really need to blog more often."  I even spurred DJ (my DJ) into pulling out the spare pc monitor so that I can actually get to setting up my computer/writing desk.  Which is still not set up.  So, I'm lazy.  Sue me.

But wouldn't this just be a good reason to poke my lazy ass into motion?  Don't answer, it was rhetorical.  No ass poking, please!!!

So, after thinking I needed to post more, and realizing I don't post as often as I should because my set-up is crap AND having someone mention something about a way to post more, I have decided there are just too many things pointing to this outcome.  Therefore, I have decided that for the month of February I am going to do this challenge.  I will post for 30 days. 

I cannot guarantee that all my posts will be good.  I can't even promise I will actually be able to post every day.  I mean, c'mon, shit happens some times.  But I think it would be a good exercise for someone, like me, who has recently started a blog, to get in there and get creative.  And since I have a number of different sections on this site, I figure, I can find something to post every day.  (Sorry in advance if I get boring by mid-month or so.)

So to anyone who is reading this feel free to check back over the next month for regular posts.  If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter I will post a link to each blog post.  Hopefully I will come out of this a better blogger (*cross your fingers minions*) and hopefully dust off those writing skills.

Now the only obstical that remains do I find 30 days in a month that only has 29?  I'm gonna have to make up a day somewhere.  Seeing how I'm constantly losing and adding days as it is, it shouldn't be a problem.

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