So, I'm not sure if this is what's going to post or not, but I was playing around with the features on this site builder and this is the sample video for when you want to add a YouTube video to your post.  


    I mean John Locke is cool and all, but speed painting?  They never even tell you how to do it they just go right through it.  And what is up with the flashes?  I suspect subliminal messeges.  It's the aliens trying to mind-control me through John Locke speed painting.  Or it could be the cloud of smoke.  But I'm sticking with the aliens.  

    Either way, I'm not sure that this doesn't belong in the "Weird Things" section.  Personally I found this creepy and odd.  It might just be the mind control talking.  Maybe that's what the aliens are going for.  Now every time I watch Lost I'm gonna have to wear my foil hat or end up a puddle of fear.
P.S.  On the plus side, I now know how to post videos from YouTube.  I'm just afraid to do it cause the aliens might get me.  Dammit aliens!  You win again!
So yesterday I got (no kidding) a total of 19 phone calls and 7 voicemails from different moving companies telling me they all recieved my email and wanted to give me quotes on how much it would cost to move.  Um...I didn't send out any email.  This is weird.  I didn't answer any of these calls because I got a total of 3 hours of sleep (which was broken up by the incesant phone calls).  Today I did answer one of the phone calls.  This is how it went.

Moving Company: Am I speaking to Sonja.

Me:  Yes, but I didn't send out an email so I don't know why you're calling me.

M.C.:  Well, I'm calling to give you a quote on your upcoming move.

Me:  That's what I'm trying to tell you.  I don't have an upcoming move.  That's probably why I didn't send out an email.  I think I've been hacked.

M.C.:  Well, are you going to be moving at any time.

Me: Maybe SOMEDAY.  In the future.  But no time soon.  But not right now.  right now I just want to make moving companies stop calling me.

M.C.:  Ok well then, I'll put you down for a call back for sometime after the holidays.

Me:  How about WHEn I decide to move I will call YOU?  Oh wait...How much would it cost to move all my stuff to Pluto.  I think if we repopulate it it might have a chance of being a planet again.

She hung up on me.

WTF?!?!  Did you not get the part where I said I don't want to get anymore calls?  And when did I say I was moving after the holidays?  And I'm totally seriouse about this Pluto idea.  It's small enough that only a select few could live there, but I really think if we populated it the other planets would let it back into the cool kids circle and it would be reinstated.  Pluto could sit back and tell 'em, "Fuck you!  You all kicked me out cause I was too small and now that I got PPL you want me back?  Kiss it you jealous, peopleless a-holes!"  (Cause that's how Pluto talks.)  Except Earth, Mars and Pluto would get along cause Earth and Pluto would both have ppl and Mars has aliens.  That's just cool.

And that's why no one should hack me.  Cause other PPL have to deal with me then.