So, I'm not sure if this is what's going to post or not, but I was playing around with the features on this site builder and this is the sample video for when you want to add a YouTube video to your post.  


    I mean John Locke is cool and all, but speed painting?  They never even tell you how to do it they just go right through it.  And what is up with the flashes?  I suspect subliminal messeges.  It's the aliens trying to mind-control me through John Locke speed painting.  Or it could be the cloud of smoke.  But I'm sticking with the aliens.  

    Either way, I'm not sure that this doesn't belong in the "Weird Things" section.  Personally I found this creepy and odd.  It might just be the mind control talking.  Maybe that's what the aliens are going for.  Now every time I watch Lost I'm gonna have to wear my foil hat or end up a puddle of fear.
P.S.  On the plus side, I now know how to post videos from YouTube.  I'm just afraid to do it cause the aliens might get me.  Dammit aliens!  You win again!
12/5/2011 04:30:48 am

lol that video is okay but it more like speed paint shop that's what all those windows are that are popping up. Not alien mind control. But anyway My friend Amy who is an artist says any one who has any artistic talent and a draw pad set-up on there computer could do similar and just speed the recording up.


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