This is Winky the Wiggler.  (I told you all a little about him in the Willie section.)  While traveling through Tennessee (at about 4am)  I stopped to get gas.   I walked in, paid for my gas, and was about to leave when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.  What had cought my attention was a display of keychains.  And Winky was one of them.

    I immediately started yelling, "OMG!  It's a little Willie," through the gas station.  And, yes, I startled the cashier, who was now looking at me like I had sprouted a second head.  Even the other customer in the station was looking at me odd.  (I'm used to those looks.)

    I grabbed the keychain and ran back to the counted and told the cashier, in my craziest 4am wack-a-doo voice, that I HAD to have this!!!  I then explained about Willie (I'm sure she appreciated that I wasn't talking about a guys willy and had an actual thing I called Willie.  Wait...that doesn't sond better.)  I explained to her about Willie and the traveling and pics and Facebook and she looked instantly relieved.  

    And so I bought Winky.  And now Willie has a kid to take care of.  And Winky does sometimes travel with us.  Though there are fewer pics to prove it.  In the pic above, I'm pretty sure I walked in on him calling a phone-sex hot-line.  He is a Wiggler, they like stuff like that.

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