Ok, so I have to start by saying sorry.  I'm sorry I haven't posted in the last 3 weeks.  Let me offer an explanation.  

A few things have happened.  First, I received news that Lil Miss doesn't want to come to Florida for the summer.  She has really good reasons for not wanting to come.  Good enough that I can't argue with them.  SO that means that instead of her coming down here (like I had been planning all along) I will be going up there.  That is fine, but it's still a wrench in the plans that needed to be taken care of.

Second, the weather has been kicking my butt.  It's not bad weather, just spring.  Living on the coast is a bit different than living...well...not on the coast.  Here, if there is a storm coming it may just skirt right on past you.  What that means is you get beautiful, sunny weather with the humidity and air pressure of the world's worst thunder storm.  This makes for bone-crunching migraines.  Ok, the bones don't actually crunch, but it feels like it as I'm writhing around in pain cause it feels like my scull is eating itself.

Third, I have been badly depressed.  Actually, the first reason has helped with the depression quite a bit.  I am about to take my first plane ride EVER and even though I think I'm going to dye in a firey ball of flame falling from the sky, I'm also excited.  I have never seen clouds from the top and hope to get some good pics along the way.  I mean, if I'm not too drunk or hopped up on Xanax.  I have a hard enough time going to the airport when I'm not getting on a plane.  I suspect that I will be the reason they land the plane in the middle of the flight.  Everyone wish me luck.

Lastly, the people who run the site my blog is hosted on decided to change a whole bunch of things around. The things they changed are the widgets and doo-hickys that I use to post my posts.  If you know anything about me you know that I am the most pc illiterate person in the world.  Seriously.  I chose this site because it was the most user friendly site.  It has it's drawbacks in that I can't post personal videos or webcam videos and I can't do that cool strick out a word thing other bloggers can do, but I can use the thing and that's awsome.  At least it was until they changed the format and stuff.  So I have had to pretty much relearn how to use this and I think I got it now.

So now you know why I have been absent lately, but hopefully I have things back on track.

Remember I said hopefully.