This is the text conversation that started upon my waking up yesterday morning (great way to wake up)...

Mom:  Went hunting under my house last night, look what I caught.
Me:  Oh my God that's gross!  Good thing you caught it before it got ahold of Sissy. (Sissy is my mom's cocker spaniel)  How did you know to look for it?

Mom:  It has been living in my cold air return of the duct work under the house.  Had to reset the trap.  I think there is a mate.

Me:  Uh oh.  Well, good luck.

Mom:  Want to come to dinner for some good stew?  Meat is free.

Me:  Eww!  Lol you couldn't get me to eat that disease carrier.  lol

Mom:  Oh come on now, he is trailer park raised.  Cleanest creature of the land.

Me:  Lol I don't think so.  Call me when you get some 'coon and we'll talk.

Mom:  Okay, maybe next season.

Me:  Trailer park raised.  Is that like free range in hillbilly speak?

Mom:  Yeah

See here's the thing about Mom...She is deffinately a city girl.  However she picked up some hillbilly somewhere along the way.  I mean real actuall hillbilly.

I remember one time in elementary school the kids on my street and I went to the bus stop one morning to find a opossum that had been hit by a car.  This particular critter, understandably, was just hissing and spitting at all of us.  Reall if I had been hit by a car I would too.  Who could blame it?  But I ran home real quick and got my mom.  The woman didn't even blink an eye.  She went into her room, grabbed her pistol, walked down to the bus stop and, without even a moments hesitation, shot the thing square in the head.  After picking it up, by the tail, and turning to go home, she threw over her shoulder, "Now go to school!"

This is the same woman who has made squirrel and rabbit stew out of the neighborhood critters because, well, as stated above, free meat.

Yep my mom is deffinately the one who would see a opossum and first thought be, "Hey! we should make stew" and come up with trailer park raised.  And, yes, she does in fact live in a trailer park.  Same one I used to live in.  Every good hillbilly has to live in a trailer and eat opossum.  Right?!?!

Okay now I am not sure I really wanted to see the text tell me she did not make a meal out of that over-sized rat!!! Ugghhh...just the thought of that would make me want to be vegetarian!!!


I told you it would be interesting. I actually do not know if she cooked it up. I actually don't know what she did with it at all. I'm afraid to ask. She may give me an answer that I can't unhear/unsee. She is crafty enough with the grill that I think I'll just leave well, enough alone.


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