Me:  We need to talk.

DJ:  Oh yeah?  What about?

Me:  Your addiction.

DJ:  The video games again?

Me:  I was talking about you breathing all the time, but, sure, we can go with video games.

DJ:  Well, I can't stop breathing.  I kinda NEED to breathe.

Me:  That's exactly what an addict would say.

DJ:  *Sucks in a big lung-full of air.*

Me:  You know, you wouldn't snore if you gave up the breathing.

DJ:  Yeah, but then I would be dead.

Me:  But you wouldn't snore.  Really it's a win-win situation.

DJ:  How?  If I don't breath I would be DEAD.

Me:  Yeah, but I wouldn't have to hear your snoring and you wouldn't be addicted anymore.  Do you smells popcorn?

DJ:    * Coughs, eyes water*  I smell your ass.

Me:  If you gave up your breathing addiction that wouldn't be a problem.

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