Some of you already know Willie the Wiggler from my Facebook page.  For those of you who don't know, that's him there on the left.  Willie is my traveling companion.  I get very bad anxiety while driving and Willie helps me deal with that.  I rescued Willie from a box of novelty toys at 7-11 when he turned those big bulging eyes my way.  (Ok, it was a little mare like Lil Miss saw him and WE had to get him.)  At first I didn't have any idea what I was going to do with Willie.  I set him in my car for the ride home, and it turns out, he helps greatly with my driving anxiety.  How?

    By letting me pull his antenna.  But only the left one.  He likes it.  I suspect that Willie is a bit of a masochist.  (Don't judge.)  Willie has (unexpectedly) gained somewhat of a following on Facebook and I have been asked, on more than one occasion, to make Willie his own website.  (Personally I think this is due to the fact that I post more pics of him than any of the other "Wierd Things."  This is because he is my traveling companion, where none of the others are.  Willie has many adventures with me and we have had lots of fun together.  Often when Willie is brought into a room a cry of "WILLIE!" can be heard from somewhere.

    While Traveling through Tennessee, (and a squeeling freek-out that left a cashier looking at me strangely) I found Willie's son, Winky.  This is not the best pick of him, but I just wanted to give a general idea of how big Winky is.  (For better pics of Winky, see his section.  This is Willie's section dammit!)

    Now, thanks to my need to stop at a gas station in the middle of the night and finding Winky, Willie became a single parent.  So what do Wigglers do if they are single parents, but spend a lot of time on the road?  They find mommies!!!

    So Willie (Ok I) found and rescued Wilma from the same box at 7-11 that Willie was found in.  (I suspect that they may have been trying to get rid of the freaky Wigglers because Wilma likes getting her antenna pulled too!)  It was a match made in heaven.  Ok, really it was a match made in my car.  Or more like a trio made in my car, but they are all a happy family of Wigglers.

(Click on any of the pics below to see them bigger.)



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