Ok so I'm gonna write this out and post it in both places (*Here and my friend on Facebook.)cause I'm just to lazy to rewrite it.

Years ago, when I was married, I used to play an online game that you had to have a screen name for, but also had live chat.  I had a really hard time coming up with a screen name so my husband made one for me.  There is a series of books about a dampyr (half-human, half-vampire) named Sonja Blue. (J-Dub got me hooked on them.)  My hubby read them and thought that Sonja was just like me, so....he made my screen name Sonja Blue.  I got so used to the ppl on the game calling me that I just went with it.

Fast forward, I started working at Sam's Club and so many ppl had trouble pronouncing my real name that I made a name-badge that had Sonja on it.  Seeing how I have always HATED my real name cause most ppl don't say it right, it didn't bother me that ppl started calling me by it and I actually started introducing myself as Sonja. 

Now I can tell who knows me from where by what they call me.  Tit= school or friends from school, real-name= family, and Sonja=everywhere else.  :)

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