Merry New Year!!!!!! (this post has nothing to do with the new year.)

(As of this writing, I am sitting out in the garage while 3 boys belt out songs on Rock Band.  This is after a comical episode of trying to assemble the fancy drumset that goes with it.  And after DJ bugging me for the last 2 hours about how hungry he is and as soon as it's done, being distracted by, "Ooo...Rock Band!")

    So while napping today, I had a dream that I was Enzo (from Assassins Creed: Revelations) running around, picking the pockets of citizens in the world of Skyrim.  I was discovered, and chased through the streets by an angry mob of peasants.

    The moral of the story:  I have been over-exposed to the world of video games.

    I'm sure a shrink would have a different opinion.  Something about feeling guilty about some wrong I have done, but I'm sticking to my story.  (Guilt is for the weak!!!)  And I'm blaming DJ.  Even though it was me who MADE him get me the newest Gears of War.  Everybody knows it's always the guys fault.  Duh!

    After being out of the gaming world for a number of years, I find myself both enjoying and hating living in a gaming household.

    I enjoy watching DJ's lil elf dude whack giant,purple tigers in Final Fantasy (6000?).  Watching him walk up to one and hear a weak "Mweh!" as the tiger swats back with claws as big as his head is slightly amusing.  (Not as amusing as taking the controls, when left unattended, and not having a clue how to play.  His friends must think he's gone nuts because I do know how to type messages to them.)  But, seriously?!?!  How much can one person run???  Hours are spent on this game, just running.  Boring, to the point of blowing your brains out just because it would be more interesting.  I'm not even sure what the point of all this running is!

    MY point in all this, is however; that I really wish my blog site had spell-check.  Words like peasants and amusing are really tripping me up.  (Although I seem to have no problem with unattended.  Did I ever mention I can't spell worth a damn?)  What kind of blog/web-site builder doesn't have spell check?  I mean, for a site that deals in words wouldn't that be one of the most basic things you would include?
DJ's "Mweh" elfin dude. Or as one friend calls it, "The Fleshy-Pumpkin."
P.S.  I just died on the bed next to DJ while he played Assassins Creed: Revelations online, and he was totally oblivious to my perilous fate.  I had my tounge out and everything!  I was even half hanging off the bed, head-down.  (DJ does not know how to die correctly.  Even though I have tried to teach him he sticks his tounge out to the left.  Everyone knows it hangs to the right and your head is tilted to the left!  I will have to keep teaching him till he gets it right.  A stun-gun may have to come into play.)

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