Just a little something about me.  I cry when I'm mad.  And not the good cry.  The ugly, babbling one.  

And I hate it.

Have you ever tried to argue your point while tripping on your own tongue.   While tears are streaming down your face and snot is dripping from your nose?  It's not pretty.  And it kinda distracts from the point you were trying to make about whatever you are mad about.  Or, if it happens to be an internet argument, it blurs the screen so you end up typing made up words that make you look like a fool.

Which makes things worse.  Which leads to more anger.  Which leads to more tears.

It'a pain in the ass is what it is.

The thing is, I'm not alone.  This much I know.  I have talked to a NUMBER of other ppl who suffer from this odd phenomena.  Namely, women.  Why it effects women more than men...well, no one knows.  There's a theory that it has to do with different hormones, but that doesn't make me feel any better.

So how has that led me to blog about it?  Writing does make me feel better.  Sitting down and concentrating on something else, while getting it out, is helpful.  And stops the tears.  But probably because it cools the anger. 

So, that being said, here's what happened.  I got in an argument on Facebook this morning, over a joke I made with a friend.  Normally I wouldn't let something like this affect me, but I have been depressed lately and uber-sensitive.  (Another thing I hate.)  I think the reason it affected me was because the person I was arguing with, knows me, knows my sense of humor, knows I don't always write/type things correctly and still put me on blast instead of asking me to clarify or ask whether or not I was being serious.  

No!  It's fucking Facebook!  If I'm hardly ever serious in real-life, why the fuck would I be serious on Facebook?  So to get reamed out by this person, who should know better, really pissed me off.  Enter the tears.  I tried to explain myself and retaliate, but the tears got in the way.  Which pissed me off more than the comment made by the friend.  Which may have been a good thing because it forced me to step away from my pc and come to the conclusion that maybe my friend was having a bad day themselves.  Maybe they are just as touchy as me right now.  

Doesn't mean I like crying when I'm mad any better.

So, instead of continuing the argument, I came here. To vent about these evil tears of Hell.

Xtended:  All is good and things have been figured out with the friend.  As I figured, it was a sensitive issue to that person.  Something I didn't know.  Doesn't change how I feel about crying when mad though.  I'll always hate that.
11/4/2012 02:46:50 am

I hear you and I raise you one hormone deficiency as to three efficiency. ? maybe that wasn't right. Fuck You! I'm tired of your bullshit and crap. LoL

11/4/2012 01:32:42 pm

LOL You know you love me. Or maybe you only love me because I'm checking this at 11:30 pm. I'll check back in at 6 am and then we will fight! XD

11/4/2012 01:32:05 pm

I do that too!!! And at my age that is totally ridiculous!! And when the tears come I get angry that I am crying which makes me cry more...hate doing this to the boss...so unprofessional...I guess people "like us" are just more sensitive...yeah that is what I am going with...lol my mother insists that our kidneys are just to close to our eyes...hahhaaha

11/4/2012 01:38:02 pm

Or kidneys are to close to our eyes? I never heard that one, but it's just odd enough that I'm going with it. Thanks for the EXCELLENT reason, Grandma S.

And, yes! Oh I hate when this happens at work. You're right it seems unprofessional. Plus, you have all of your coworkers (mostly who you don't want to get personal with, or at least I didn't) asking, "Is everything okay? Are you alright?" And because you're at work you have to be nice and polite and tell em your fine when you really want to fist-kiss them in the throat and leave you alone...which makes you mad and makes you cry all over again!

Gah! Frustrating!


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