Before we get started let me remind you that I am still doing "daily" movie reviews over on my Facebook page.  The reason for the quotations is that the posts aren't daily.  I'm watching a horror movie each day of October and then posting a review whenever I feel like it.  Although they are pretty daily.

Anyway, I've been doing a happy dance at random times throughout the night.  Why, you ask?  Well, the new season of The Walking Dead starts tonight.  YAY!!!  

(I had a post about tips for migraines that I was gonna write (that I will forget about by next week), but I got distracted by the extended preview for the upcoming season.)

I love this show.  I really don't know why, since half way through each season I just bitch about how it's dragging on and I wish something would happen.  It might be the love to hate issue.  I love to hate many of the characters and sit and wait for them to die.  But in the middle of it...ZOMBIES!  If you know anything about me you know that I'm into all that vampire, werewolf, zombie shit.  My ex gave me an article one time by some horror writer (I don't know who) that said, "If you love a certain genre, you have to support it, even if you don't like it.  This means buying the books, watching the movies and talking about it."  Those are words I have found very true.

While it may seem confusing to see where I stand on The Walking Dead, let me be clear.  I LOVE this show.  Every Sunday I get a thrill when the time comes that DJ sets his whatever aside and it's time to watch our DVR'ed show.  Usually it's right after it is done airing so that we can fast-forward through ALL the commercials, but sometimes we will pop that sucker on half way through because I get so antsy waiting that it's either watch the show or get beat in the head with a laptop.  I think DJ gives in and watches the show cause the beating scenario may just further the closed-head-injury without killing me and NO ONE wants that.

Where was I?  Oh, yeah.  I love the zombie make up.  I love that not everyone is running around with guns and they do know what knives and arrows are.  I love how the can all hide out in the woods or a farm.  You know, away from the populated areas where most of the residents now probably just want to eat your brains.  And last seasons finally ended with the chick (I know her name, but if you want it go digging for your own spoilers.  Ok, it's Michonne) pulling out a friggin sword.  Hecks yeah. That would be me.  I would totally rock out the kitana blade.

Another reason I love it?  There isn't really anything else in my preferred genre on tv.  There are plenty of Law & Orders, but, really, who isn't tired of all of those.  Then you have your crime mysteries (Bones, The Mentalist, CSIs, NCISs, Major Crimes, etc.).  While I like a number of those shows, they are EVERYWHERE.  The closes thing to the preternatural genre is Grimm and...well...I think I would rather go skydiving onto a bed of nails before I watch another episode of that lil piece of yuck.  (I gave it a shot, really I did.)

So there are 16 hours left until the premiere and in the meantime I will be doing my happy dances.  It's good cardio.  I suggest you do it to for whatever show you are happy is coming on.  (By the way, my happy dance looks a lot like tap dancing.  You know, if you put tap shoes on an epileptic and threw em in a small space.  I know, I can't believe I've never had a lesson either.)

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