So I wanted to check in with you Minions and kinda let you know why I all of a sudden went A.W.O.L. on you. 

Ok, So it wasn't really All of a sudden.  In my last few posts I mentioned that I haden't been feeling weel due to the constant up and down of the weather lately.  Well, that bitch Mother Nature really got a good one on me.  (Mother Nature isn't really a bitch and if she's reading this, I'm really really sorry Mother, but you hurt me.  And you kinda had that comment coming due to your recent action.)

So let me kinda give you all a break down of how the last week and a half has gone:

Thurs., Feb 16:  Woke up with a sore throat that went away after about an hour.  Found my fav eyeliner so that made up for it.

Fri., Feb. 17:  Woke up and could swear I swallowed broken glass in my sleep.  Didn't get all dressed up for date night like I was going to, but still went out because I was feeling better.

Sat., Feb 18:  Oh GOD I didn't want to get up!!!  I felt like someone had sliced open the inside of my throat with razor blades and my nose was so stuffy I couldn't breath.  My head was throbbing like someone beat me with a sledgehammer.  Later I developed some sort of alien spots in my throat that couldn't bee seen with the human eye, but I knew they were there.  Everytime I swallowed I could feel them digging into my throat.  Also, about mid-day my nose started draining down my throat to the point that I thought I would drown in my own mucus.  Late night I started worrying about how that would look on my death certificate.

Sun., Feb 19:  See Sat.  Early morning I bugged DJ to go get me tissue and had a box and a half gone by the time I went to bed.

Mon., Feb 20-Sun., Feb 26:  Feeling better, but dealing with constant drainage.  Pretty sure there is a big ball of phlemb waiting to come out of my throat at some unfortunate, and no doubt embarrassing moment, because I have a constant lump in my throat.  I feel like I swallowed a pill and it got stuck.  Still headachy and stuffy but not as bad.  Halfway through the week the sinus drainage started agrivating my belly and nothing is helping.  Still worried about what they will be putting on death certificate if I die from mucas axphyciation.

So needless to say I have been pretty much bed ridden since last Saturday.  (yes, I realized I should have put a comma after the word say, but I'm too lazy to go back and do it.)  All this is is a REALLY bad sinus infection that has gotten out of control, but man do I feel like I'm recouperating from the Martion Death Flu.  I have drank so much water and juice that I think I have a phobia of fruit and bland things now.  Seriously, it will be a long time before I can look at an orange and be ok with it. 

I did get a chance to catch up on a LOT of T.V. watching (I'm pretty much up to date on "Justified")  and when I could I did a little reading.  That was NOT a good idea.  First, when I'm sick, I usually don't read.  My eyes do this funky crossing thing and can't focus.  (That's why I wasn't posting during any of this.)  Second, I was reading Stephen King's Night Shift.  I totally forgot there is a story in there that is a companion piece to "The Stand."  Tip: Never read stories, watch shows or movies about the end of the world via virus when you feel like you are on your deathbed.  I got myself convinced that I had contracted some sort of super flu and that I was gonna turn into a zombie.  Had to apologize to DJ in advance, you know, in case I woke him up trying to eat his brains. 

So, I haven't given up on the 30-day challenge, but I think, for the time being, I am putting it on hold to be tried at another time.  I know I can do it, but I'm still not at 100% right now and looking forward to climbing back into bed with something that isn't water flavored and a Twin Peaks marathon.  Check back in this Saturday, Minions, and I will make sure I have something for you to read.
2/26/2012 11:49:11 am

um, waking up DJ eating his brains... can you say 'starving'? Feel better soon!

2/29/2012 07:38:01 pm

LMAO!!! I love how you insult your own son. And get away with it. I can feel the love.

2/29/2012 07:39:23 pm

That must be why he lets me get away with calling him a homo. You prepped him all these years for me. lol

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