Mommica, I have faith that you will keep Lil Miss from this post until after V-Day because I am about to give away a suprize.  (I got one for Lil Lady too!)

Ok, with that out of the way, let's move on.

So with Valentine's Day coming we are once again being bombarded with all kinds of Vanentine themed things.  Buy Russel Stover candies, Every kiss begins with Kay, FTD will deliver anywhere, blah blah blah, mushy mushy mushy. 

Click, click, ka-BOOM, glop!  (Yep, that's what it looks like when someone blows their brains out on a blog

So this year with all the V-Day advertising going on it's no suprise that it's hit my Facebook wall also.  In the form of jokes, pics and whatever else.  But the good thing about having your own wall is you can (kinda) control what is on it.   One of the things on my Facebook wall is a fan page fora T.V. show called Knit & Crocet Now.

One of the thins they put up was for a free pattern (with tutorial) by Cherry Heart, a craft blogger.  She discovered how to make these wonderful little granny square hearts.  They are real easy to make (once you get past the difference between British and English terms.  There is a key for that).  It took me a few tries at first because of the difference in terms and my first 2 attempts ended in frogging the whole thing and starting over.  But as soon as I figured out where I went wrong, I was good.

One thing I didn't take into account was my OCD.  I am totally ADDICTED to making these now.

I made a couple to send to Lil Miss.  I put magnets on the back so she can take one (or both) to school to hang in her locker or put on the fridge.  I also bought some ribbon that I'm gonn add just to make 'em cuter.  As if that's possible. 

So look what I made.
It's not exactly the best pic, since my camera works AWSOME when it wants to be, but never when I want it too.  You get the point though.

So when it comes to V-Day, I'm a cinic.  It wasn't so bad when I was married, but before and after suck!  But I try to stay optimistic and not kill anyone else's fun.  Problem is, I usually fail miserably.  So this year I have decided to do something about it.

Since I can't stop making these things (each one only takes about 5 minutes) and I have extra ribbons and magnets, I am going to go out and hand them to strangers.  Probably by leaving them under windsheild wipers or sticking them to mail boxes.  You know, a secret-Cupid kinda thing.  Not because I'm shy, but because I think random kindness from unknown strangers is the BOMB! 

Why am I gonna give them away though?  Cause 1) Everyone could use a lil love on V-Day, 2) It will make me feel good to give something away that might make someone's day, & 3) What the hell am I going to do with 100-thousandy hearts laying around the house?!?

But I gotta give credit where it is due.  If you want to make these yourself, I posted the link above, but I will also post it here.

And now I'm off to work more on my new obsession.
2/8/2012 07:16:22 am

I think that is an awesome idea, you need to take someone with you to get some pics of the moments...where you leave them, who you give them to, etc....

2/8/2012 01:04:07 pm

I was thinking about carrying my camera around with me while I do it.

2/8/2012 10:42:17 am

I think thats a wonderfull idea. Make sure you put a tag or something on them saying they are from cupid. :)

2/8/2012 01:10:37 pm

I already thought of that. I figured it would be a very simple, "Happy V-Day! Love, Sonja" I figure I will leave my name and make them think, Hmm, who is Sonja?!? Maybe even put the website addy on the back and maybe someone will tell me about getting one and how it made their day. Or yell at me for touching their car.

Or just "Merry V-Day! From Cupid" I havent decided.

Seems like I'm fishing or promoting if I leave the addy. but I might still leave my name and no addy. I'll decide the night before or some close-to-the-wire time. lol


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