Is it just me or are there more zombies in the media lately?  I’m not necessarily complaining…ok, yes I am. 
But not really.  

I’m just getting a little sick of it is all.  They are in our movies, TV shows, books and (*gulp*) video games.  (Did I really need to battle zombie Hordes?!?  Really?  If you don’t know what the Horde are…Google ppl.)  Now zombies have always been in these forms, but the amount nowadays is overwhelming.
Needless to say, I have joined a few zombie survival groups on Facebook.  (A few of these are  Zombie Fighting Rednecks, Northwest Florida ZRT, Zombie Squad, Zombie Awareness International, Houston Zombie
, US Army Zombie Combat Command, & H.A.Z.A.R.D.  All of these are links to Facebook pages so go show them some lo) 
What The point of these groups is for, is to spread zombie awareness and share survival tips so when your neighbor comes calling to borrow a cup of brains you’ll know what to do. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a fair share of jokes, and other zombie related stuff going on, but it’s basically to bring to light what could happen during the zombie apocalypse and how to handle it.

Hey! The apocalypse could TOTALLY happen.  As a mild -to -moderate miso phobic (germ phobic) I think it is totally reasonable to think that some kid sticking his finger up his nose and then touching his mom could start this into motion.  Ever been sitting next to someone and have them sneeze on you?  You feel gross all over after, don’t you?  Because you could have just been infected with some mutant virus that will have you getting up in the middle of the night for a midnight snack of warm intestines, that’s why!  It could happen ppl!  Haven’t you all ever seen Outbreak?)

What I have learned from these sights is that preparing for the zombie apocalypse is a lot like preparing for a hurricane:  
You always want to have bottled water on hand.  
Hurricane: Power outs mean the sanitation plants go down and water isn’t being filtered. 
Zombie:  You don’t know if the virus is in the water system.

Do you have a generator? 
Hurricane:  Those power outs I mentioned. 
Zombies:  What? You think the power won’t go out during a zombie outbreak?

The best window coverings are sheet metal, but plywood can be used too.  Preferable bolted to the window.  Hurricane:  In case of flying debris. 
Zombie: Keeps the zombies from being able to get in through broken windows.  Your intact face will thank you for it.

Have a good supply of non-perishables on hand at all times. 
Hurricane:  In case the weather is so bad you can’t leave your home. 
Zombies:  zombies don’t stock the shelves at grocery stores.  Besides, you really wanna risk being bit for a box of Mac & Cheese? Wouldn’t happen If you already have it.

 Weapons.  Have some.  Fire arms are ok, but try to have some sort of knife or non-firearm type weapon also.  Hurricanes: Riots and/or savaging.  Have to protect yourselves.  Ok, this can actually be a lot like a zombie apocalypse. 
Zombies:  Your local arms dealer is probably a zombie because some unsuspecting infected jerkwad came into his/her store when the outbreak first happened. (See above about sneezing if you wonder how the arms dealer got it)  After the apocalypse happens, ammo will be in short supply.

Have a well-stocked first-aid kit. 
Hurricane: Accidents happen.  They will happen while you are trapped in your house by bad weather. 
Zombies: Ok, actually this one is pretty much the same as the hurricane reason.

I could keep going on, but I think you get the point.    So, please, do yourselves some research.  Even if you live in a place where hurricanes don’t affect you, look it up. Get learned ppl.  You can apply these things to tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, the ground opening up and swallowing you whole.  Ok, maybe not that last one.  It won’t hurt to be prepared.

So be rest assured ppl, when the hurricanes hit, I will be ready for it.  Or zombies.

I’m fucked if werewolves and vampires attack though.

2/1/2012 03:26:01 am

Lol, FYI Liv's wants me to tell you that zombies don't eat brains anyway. They eat Pizza and Mashed Potatoes. Seriously we had an almost 20 MIN conversation about this one day and she was very adamant about this point.

2/1/2012 07:19:32 am

Well then, I guess I been told! Please let Miss Livy know that When the apocolypse happens I will make sure that there are no mashed potatoes or pizza on hand. That way the zombies will pass me by. And thank her for sharing her knowledge with me. It may just be the thing that saves me when the zombies come a knocking! XD


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