Merry V-Day!!!  Here's my Valentine to you:
These are the V-Day hearts I made that I would have handed out if my day hadn't started like crap...yesterday.

Warning:  I'm about to give you TMI!

Yeasterday morning I woke up with the worst case of craps.  Ok, maybe I've had worse, but they were pretty bad.  Anyone who has endomitriosis can sympathize.  Needless to say, they are pretty dibilitating AND this is my 3rd "girl time" in the last month.  Any girl (endo or not) knows, if it's a bad time for Aunt Flo to visit, she will.  It's like a girl law of nature.

Ok, so I took some meds and DJ rubbed my back where the cramps were pulling.  I started to feel better, but was still kinda blah.  But I felt well enough to run up to the corner and get my daily Slurpee.  On my way to my car, I stopped and checked the mail.  And guess what?  I found out that the registration on my car had expired 2 MONTHS ago!  I have been driving illegaly for 2 months.  CRAP!!!  Since I knew this, I changed route and went back into the house where I asked DJ to take me because, had I known, I wouldn't have driven my car all this time and I sure wasn't going to drive it now.  I have been very lucky up to now.  I know when NOT to push my luck.  (This might also say something about my driving skills because I hadnt even been pulled over for my tags.  I have done nothing to bring myself to the attention of the cops.)

Needless to say, my plans for handing out my V-Day hearts was now a bust.  I guess that's ok.  I will just put them away for next year.  It will actually give me some time to make more so next year I will have a slew to hand out.

So early this morning it started raining.  If you read my post from a few days ago, you might remember I told you about how when it rains (and gets cold) my sinuses act up.  Yeah I woke up this morning, not only in pain from girl time, but now that damn troll that likes to hurt me in my sleep threw broken glass down my throat and then climbed into my ear so that he could make his way to my brain with his pitchfork again.  One of his favorite activities.  At least, that's what I think.  I feel like absolute shit!  Even if my car were legal, I don't think I could hand out valentine's anyway.  I'm having trouble just staying upright.  I can't really talk and (from all the mucus drainage) I feel like I need to throw up some froth.


Wether I bitch and moan or not, I have been online almost all day.  I have been reading all about the wonderful days everyone else has been having.  All the things that ppl have been doing for their loved ones and how apreciative ppl are of others.  Wether those others are significant others, husbands, wives, BFs, GFs, kids, parents or just plain ole friends.  You know what?  This makes me feel better.  To hear about ppl being nice to each other, at anytime of year, always makes me feel better.

So I wanted to send you, Minions, a wish of a very Merry V-Day.  I hope you all had wondeful days or were able to find some sort of joy in the day!  If you didn't have a Valentine, consider me yours.  Because I will be considering all of you, mine!
2/14/2012 11:34:13 am

I am sorry you have been having a rough time this month! To bad your going to have an extra day before you are clear of it!!! On the other hand, you are ahead of everyone else with next year VD gifts or you can sew them all together and make a blanket to cuddle under on your "troll" days...{{{HUGS}}}

2/14/2012 01:21:44 pm

It's all good. I'll live. Yeah I think I will save em for next year, but since I have a WHOLE nother year to make em I had thought about also making a crap load and making a blanket out of em too. I also have a pattern for some stars that would look really cool with the hearts and thought I would make a hearts and stars blanky.

And ont of these days I will evict that stupid troll. Hopefully when I get some insurance and get the girl problems taken care of it will help with the migraines. The docs have already said that they are because of my hormones and if I get the girly parts working right (or removed) there wont be hormones to cause them. That's the theory at least. :) XOXO

2/14/2012 05:26:13 pm

Well Happy late Vday to you. I feel you on the migraine and the Lovely Mother nature showing up. She sucks ass, the damn bitch. Thankfully the man took care of me today so the only thing I had to do was take Livs to her party but I medicated myself through 27 screaming toddlers that was fun. Lol I do hope you can evict the nasty troll. He is a nasty little bugger. Just take care of yourself get lots of rest and drink lots of fluid. Sending you lots of good happy energy.


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