Not too long ago, while cleaning out the Nightmare Room, I came across a box of VHS tapes.  (Yep, you read that right.)

    This opened a whole new cache of movies for Lil Miss.  She sat and watched (sometimes as punishment) a whole new slew of movies she had never seen before.  She has now added Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Legnd and The Stand to her list of watched movies, along with quite a few other gems.  (She also understands what "Captain Tripps" is and what I'm referring to when I have the flu.)

    I worried at first that this may be a tell-tale sign of my age...until the following weekend, when she brought over "this COOL new movie" to watch with me.  The movie?  Silver Bullet starring Corey Haim.

    Now if you haven't been living under the same rock as me, you know this particular Corey (who was approximately the same age as I am) has passed away.  I did not know this when I watched it with her.  (That's what happens when you have no T.V. or internet.  The wrong Corey dies.)  Chalk one more up to feeling old, since he was like 12 when he made that movie.  But then Lil Miss decided to dress up as a Ghostbuster (a movie she pilfered from me some time back) for Halloween.  She was
E-X-C-I-T-E-D to find the costume (and even more when she got to take her pic with an Ecto-mobile at a local trunk-or-treat).  She went on to explain how Ghostbusters is one of her favorite movies and she watches it all the time.  (Which is why I left it behind with her when I moved.)  It is a classic, after all.  But to an 11 year old, these movies are all new and timeless for her.  Because of this she has been forgiven because she didn't really make me feel my age in watching them.

    Fast-forward to a few days ago when I found out that DJ (who is 5 years my junior to begin with.  Strike one) has never seen Mallrats.  Still a classic, but, when sitting him down to watch this piece of cinema gold, it is not new and timeless to him.  It's dated.  Especially when they mention that it's in the 90's.  How has this movie been around so long?  Wasn't it just released last year?

    Then, while talking to him and discussing the FOUR movies that followed, he earned his third strike.  (The second came at the 90's mention.  Although he didn't do it himself, I wouldn't be watching if it weren't for him, so it's his fault.)  Uttering the words, "How have I never seen this movie?" while watching with your older girlfriend isn't always so nice.  Yep, strike three.

    But this is not to say that I AM old.  At 34 I'm still pretty young (ask Lil Miss, who SHOULD think I'm old, but doesn't).  And I'm NOT above doing juvenile things.

    And now you all know why it is that I leave nauseous gas bombs under the covers for my boyfriend to find as he's getting into bed.  Old, my ass!  I'm still young enough to know farts are funny!  Oh, hell, let's be honest, I'll never fully grow up because farts will ALWAYS be funny!  (Especially if you can turn them into bombs for your jail-bait boyfriend.)

Lil Miss as a Ghostbuster (next to Ecto-mobile) for Halloween 2011