So I figured I should probably check-in and let you all know that I made it through the first plane ride without dying in a fiery ball of flame.  However I did snap a picture that I thought you would all like that I want to share and state that NO first-time flyer wants to see.
Yes, Minions, that is indeed a Beer truck the KING of Beers, no less) at the head of the plane.   You know, where the pilots sit.   Which pulled up almost exactly 5 minutes after I made my first "hope the piolts are sober" joke. I told myself that the service door for the airport just HAPPENED to be there, but it did no good since I was the only one saying it.

I would also like to take this time for...umm...anything right now.  I have currently been awake for 29 hours.  My insomnia decided to rear it's head and I'm starting to see things out of the corner of my eyes (that aren't really there).  So I figured it would give me something to do to come on here, check-in, and share my pic with you all.  

Surprisingly, I see that after taking a month off, and not having a post since June, I'm still getting approximately 30 ppl to the site per day (some return day-to-day, so it's not like 30 different ppl each day) and have gotten some new comments to older posts.  (Not that I'm really paying attention to the numbers.  My analytics page comes up first and has the link to get to this page, where I can post for you.)

Anyway, thank you to those of you have stuck around and understand that I am out of town and spending time with Lil Miss.  I promise I will be back, unfortunately it may not be until the end of August.  I will try to check-in again before then, but I make no promises.

Until then, enjoy my pic and pray I see a Pepsi truck, instead, on the way home.