Me:  My back hurts.DJ:  Yeah?Me:  Yeah.  I need pants with butt-rubber.DJ:  With WHAT?!?Me:  Butt-rubber.DJ:  What's that?Me:  They are pants.  With rubber on the butt.DJ:  Rubber on the butt?Me:  Yeah.  You know, like the stuff you put under the floor mat so it doesn't slide across the floor.  Only on the butt of a pair of pants.DJ:  What is your butt sliding on that you need that?Me:  The sheets.DJ:  *Cocks an eyebrow*Me:  Most of the time I'm under my desk...tray...workstation before i realize I slid down.  If I had pants with Butt-rubber I wouldn't slide and then my back wouldn't hurt.Makes sense to me. Of course, that might just be the problem.

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