This was actually written during the summer and never posted.  Since I am still down and out today and can't sit upright at the pc to write out a post, you all get this.

So on Monday a series of thunderstorms ripped through Michigan.  Because I am originally from there, I have a lot of "Friends" in the state on my Facebook.  In a matter of 10 minutes, not less than 53 posts were made by various ppl that the power was out. (Yes I actually counted them.)  This is the post that I put up as response.

Sonja Rois:  No offense to anyone, but I am finding it a bit humorous how everyone in MI is posting about how their power is off yet they are still posting to Facebook. Maybe it's God's way of trying to remind you how to spend time away from the technology in case there comes a day when you don't have it instead of giving 1,000 ppl a reason to post, "Power's out." Either that or the aliens have landed and are getting ready to take over. You know, whatever. LOL 

So almost immediately after my post went up, my wonderful, sarcastic friends engaged in this (This is not the entire convo but defiantly the best part:

Friend 1's Status Update:  Power keeps going off, just long enough to screw up the clocks, and the internet......

Sonja Rois:  Dear Nina, You have figured us out. We have decided to invade and used the guise of a thunderstorm to do it. If we disable your internet you have no way to let others know of our dasterly plan. Also by taking out your clocks, you have no way of telling what time it is and therefore are more confused when we sweep in to take over your planet. Please keep this to yourself for as long as possible, seeing as how we are not scheduled to take over Florida until tomorrow.Thanks for your cooperation,The aliens, from Pluto, the PLANET

Friend 2:  Mine too and this is the first time with Uverse...when the battery backup kicked in it scared me...had no idea what was beeping!! lol

Friend 2: Thank goodness Sonja...I thought it was the zombies!!! phew!!! 

Sonja:Oh no, zombies are not scheduled until 2014. They are the second wave. 

Friend 2:  Hmmm will there be anyone left?

Friend 1: I do have one atomic battery-operated clock, and I believe the alarm clocks upstairs have battery back-up, but where I am, I usually use the microwave or stove clock. BUT...the internet....yeah...then I have to get up and do something!!!

Sonja: Doubtful. The Plutonians are P.O.ed that we bullied them out of the solar system. I hear tell if the zombies don't work that they have already begun building a death-star. And we all know how that worked out for Allderan.

Friend 1: DON"T START ON PLUTO.........

Sonja: It took you 7 comments to say something?!? I'm disappointed. LMAO.  

Friend 1: Hahahahahaha....

Friend 2: Hahahahahhahahaha snort snort....hehehehe

Friend of a friend: too funny ladies..;)

Friend 2: We do like to have our fun...

Friend 2: Some days it just Sonja making friends with a bear take it the garage is not an attached one???  (The bear decided to poke its head into my garage WHILE I was sitting there.)

Sonja: Yeah it's attached.

Friend of a fiend: Fun gets you through Life..enjoy and keep having fun..;)

Sonja: And his NAME is McButterfur, thankyouverymuch! LOL

Friend 2: Feel free to jump in anytime Kim... :)

Kim: ‎:0 its more fun reading right now...;)

Kathy: Okay fine I many how fast did you change your underwear?

Sonja: Oh it took a few minutes, I had to come out of my shock and stupor and then relearn how to breath and get my heart back down in my chest where it belongs.

Sonja: It's ok though, I made DJ do the laundry. XD

Yep, sarcasm, aliens, zombies, bears and shitting your pants.  Goddess, I love my friends!  ;D

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