A conversation from Facebook:

Stumpy's original post:  Some people REALLY NEED to lay off the sauce!! It's makin' your brain mush, ass!

Sonja: My brain is already mush so screw you I'm makin some sauce!!! Probably the pasghetti kind!!!

Sonja: Wait! Why are people laying on sauce? that's very messy. I'm not cleaning that up!

Stumpy: You funny guirl!

Stumpy: No laying on sauce. Get into places where sauce shouldn't go.

Sonja: I have visuals now of ppl rolling around in different kinds of sauce. I wish I had a camera for my mushy brain so I could take a pic and share so I wasnt the only one laughing. BTW that girl laying on the chocolate sauce is NEVER gonna get it outta her shirt. If I had a pic from my brain you would agree with that statement.

 Stumpy: I'm only worried about sauce getting in creves's that aren't meant for sauce.

Sonja: Then you should probably lay off the sauce.

Shaggy: just add noodles.

Friend: Noodles soak up everything!

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