Me:  You matched my socks wrong again.

DJ:  Did I?  I matched 'em Hanes to Hanes.

Me:  No, you did it wrong.  Well, you got one pair right cause they are the only long pair I wore all week.  Oh! Wait you matched 2 pair right.

DJ:  How am I supposed to match 'em again?  Sock to sock?

Me:  No, dot to no dot.

DJ:  Oh, yeah.  I for got you have Indian socks.

Me:  ... (I was going to say something back at him, but then it hit me what he meant by Indian socks and I couldn't help but laugh my butt off.)

DJ: Next thing you know, you're socks will get jobs at Dell.  *fake Indian accect* Hello, my name is being Mr. Hanes.  How may I direct you call?

Me:  ...(I had to sit down.  I was too busy laughing to respond.)

    Because Lil Miss wears the same socks as I do, some of my socks have a black dot on the toe so I know which are mine.  Just Friday night I was telling DJ how nice it was having someone around who is silly with me and sometimes sillier.  It's kinda nice having someone around who makes me say, "I never met that person."  (This convo was after he tried to order 20 chicken vaginas at the Taco Bell drive-through.)  The above convo is yet another one of these examples.  You rock with your wacky self, DJ!!!
Sorry for the late post.  I was busy having a life.  HHAHA!  Ok, I don't really have a life.  Not much.  Shut up!  I was visiting DJ's mom and eating burgers.  And I'm not gonna apologize for it.  Not when ground beef or Slurpees are involved.  And we got a Slurpee on the way home. :P  So anyway, today I'm gonna share another convo that I forgot I had written down.  Hope you enjoy and I will be back with a regular post tomorrow.

Me:  Will you go pee for me?
DJ:  No.
Me: P-L-E-A-S-E!!!  I don't ask for much.
DJ:  I can't.
Me:  If you really loved me you would.
Me:  Lil Miss at least tried.
DJ:  I'm not going pee for you.
Me: *huffs*  FINE!!!  I'll do it myself!

Lil Miss did actually try to do it for me.  Maybe because she's still young and believes in magic and fairies...I don't know, but at least she tried.  And who hasn't made this request of someone?  Just learn how to osmosis your urine into someone else so you can be lazy and not have to get up because that would involve moving.  I really don't think it's too much to ask.  Apparently someone does.

So a couple of days ago I shared a convo with my mom about how she caught a 'possum under her house and thought there was a mate.  Read it here.  I woke up yesterday to these texts:

Mom: Dinner against tonight, you one your way?
Mom:  Dinner again, not against (yeah that cleared things up, Mom)
Mom: Love waking to critters, feels like "Up-North"

Me: Is that the mate?

Mom: I think so

Me: So now that you got 2, what you gonna make instead of stew?  'Possum loaf?

Mom:  A pair of matching slippers.

The scarry thing?  I can see her wearing opossum slippers.