Lil Miss:  I watched The Shining.
Me:  You didn't!
LM:  Yes, I did.
Me:  Yeh, I know you DID.  I was saying that because I'm a bit suprised. *pauses* So...what did you think?
LM:  I liked it.
Me:  Yeah?  It wasn't too scarry?
LM:  No.  I think it's my new favorite movie.  It was kinda lame though.
Me:  You thought it was lame.  Well that's good.  I guess.  At least it didn't scare you.
LM:  Yeah it was kinda lame.  I mean. it only had ONE ax murder.
Me: *Speechless before laughter*
LM:  Well, and it had one hypothermia too.  I mean, Silver Bullet at least had 12 murders.  That's like one for every month!
LM:  I think it's too soon for Saw though.

And that is how you can tell she is my kid.  Not enough murder!

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